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Search profiles

A search profile is a search statement which will be executed automatically and regularly. The result will be sent to you by e-mail. This way you can stay informed of accessions, of new records or other changes in a collection. You can execute the search statement stored in a search profile manually as well, by clicking Run behind the desired search profile: no e-mail will be sent in this case.

A search statement which you just executed, can be saved as a search profile via the Write profile button on the Results tab.

Here on the Search profiles tab you’ll either see an overview of the profiles that you saved and any public profiles, or the options which you can set per search profile.

If you are interested in the public search profiles then mark the checkbox in front of the desired profiles.

In the overview you can see the descriptions (names) of the different profiles. (Click the red cross to the right of a description to remove that search profile; public profiles cannot be deleted.) Click the description of a search profile to open its options; you can edit those to your liking, and save them by clicking the Save button. The options are the following:

- Subject: provide a description/name for this profile, which indicates its purpose clearly.

- Frequency: choose how often you want this search statement to be executed.

- Pruning: you may limit the search result further to just New records (since the last time that this search profile was executed), to New or changed records (since the last time that this search profile was executed) or impose no limit at all.

- Expires: mark this checkbox if the regular execution of this search profile must end sometime and then provide the date below.

- Expiry date: provide a date on which the regular executing of this search profile must cease, if you marked the checkbox above. Click the calendar icon to pick a date.

- Suspend: if you do not want to receive search results for the time being, for instance because you are going on holiday, then set Suspend to Yes. Only when you set Suspend to No again, the search profile will be executed again.

Click the Save button to save the profile with these settings.

Log off

If others use this web application after you, you’ll have to log out via the Log out button on the Status tab. That way, you make sure that others cannot view your personal data.

When you close all internet browser windows, you’ll be logged out automatically.